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Get in shape this winter with Spin and Cross-Training

The Spin Lab began as an awesome perk for our employees. We cleared out some space in the basement, decked out a room with sweet video and audio and set up enough bikes for all of us to ride together when the weather was bad. Word got out that we had a cool training facility, and before long, customers were asking to join us. The Spin Lab was born. 

We've been immersed in cycling for nearly 50 years. If anyone could provide cyclists with a comprehensive training package, we felt we could. So we hired an awesome coach, expanded the room, purchased more equipment, and added a weight room for strength training. Our goal is to provide our athletes with the best training possible so they can achieve the best results possible. Let's get training!

30 Day Spin Lab Pass

Spin, run, row or lift anytime

You can get an awesome workout every day using the best equipment in a super clean and casual environment! You'll be able to spin on the coolest indoor bikes available, run the treadmills, burn calories on the rowers, or get swoll in our weight room any time you want*.

What's included?

  • Key fob for anytime* Spin Lab access
  • NEW Tacx NEO Smart Bike Trainer
  • ProForm iFit Treadmills
  • Concept 2 rowing machines
  • Weight training room
  • Video and surround sound

*The Spin Lab is open daily between 4am and 12pm.  Additional access hours available upon request.

Spin Classes

Get fit and fast with your friends

Buy Spin Class Pass

Available classes:  

  • Mon/Wed/Fri @ 6am or 6pm
  • Tue/Thu @ 6am or 6pm

Each 4-week class session includes:

  • Instructed, quality spinning
  • One hour classes with detailed workouts
  • NEW Tacx NEO Smart Bike Trainers
    • The most realistic and fun indoor trainer experience
    • Accurate data
    • Power and pedal stroke analysis
    • Simulates rumble of gravel and cobblestone
  • Pre and post Functional Threshold Test and analysis
  • Group spinning atmosphere

Group Cross-Training

Build muscle and increase strength

Buy Group Cross-Training Pass

Winter doesn't have to mean gaining weight and falling behind on your physical fitness goals. You can actually make significant gains when it's cold out! At The Spin Lab, you'll find a clean facility that's never crowded, excellent equipment, and an enthusiastic, motivated instructor. Our group cross-training classes will provide a healthy balance of cardio and strength training. Strength training helps to change your metabolism so you are burning more fat. Each class provides a SPECIFIC workout consisting of a combination of pedaling, running, rowing, and strength training. Every session will begin with an accurate fitness test.  

Available classes:  

  • Mon/Wed/Fri @ 7:30am, 9am, or 7:30pm
  • Tue/Thu @ 7:30am, 9am, or 7:30pm

Each 4-week class session includes:

  • Instructed, quality cross-training
  • One hour classes with detailed workouts
  • NEW Tacx NEO Smart Bike Trainers
  • ProForm iFit treadmills
  • Concept 2 rowing machines
  • Dumbbells, barbells, power-lifting weights, TRX cables
  • Pre and post fitness test and analysis
  • Group training atmosphere