More than just a Spin Class

Don't just spin...Spin with purpose! We originally created The Spin Lab as an awesome perk for our employees. We cleared out some space in the basement, decked out a room with sweet video and audio, and set up enough bikes for all of us to ride together. Word got out that we had a cool training facility, and before long, customers were asking to join us. The Spin Lab was born. Yes, we're new to the fitness industry, but we're not new to cycling. We felt that if anyone could provide cyclists with a comprehensive training package, we could. So we hired an awesome coach, expanded the room, purchased more equipment, and added a weight room for strength training. We're not trying to be the biggest, baddest gym on the block. Our goal is to provide our athletes with the best training possible so they can achieve the best results possible. Let's get training!

30 Day Spin Lab Pass

Spin, run, or lift whenever you want


Why purchase a Spin Lab Pass? Only $1 per day gets you unlimited Spin Lab access!*  That means you can spin, run, or lift weights just about any time you want using quality  equipment in an awesome environment.

What's included?

 - Key fob for anytime* Spin Lab access

 - CycleOps Phantom 5 spin bikes

- Zwift compatible trainers

 - Access to weight room

 - Video and audio

*The Spin Lab is open daily between 4am and 12pm.  Additional access hours available upon request.

Winter Training Classes

Get fit and fast this winter

$200 - $250 

Why purchase a Winter Training Class? Results! Training with the guidance of a certified coach promises the absolute best results. USAT Coach Steph Christensen is on staff to provide power-based workouts tailored to fit YOUR goals.  All of your workouts will be based off the results your personal Functional Threshold Test (included in price). Whether you are training for a spring race, want to use the winter to improve your strength/power, or simply want to get in shape, we have a plan for you! 

Classes start at only $200 per 6 week course.  Spots are limited and will go fast.  Reserve your spot now!!

Each 6-week session includes:

  •  - Zwift compatible trainers
  •  - Functional Threshold Test and analysis
  •  - Customized training plan geared toward your goals
  •  - Bike storage
  •  - TrainingPeaks account
  •  - Group training atmosphere
  •  - Access to Spin Lab weight room