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Built to Wear, Not to Wear Out 

Let’s be honest. Most products we buy today are designed to last through a single fashion cycle. If we’re lucky, that's a year, maybe two. As a society we’ve become conditioned to expect very little from our clothing. When it fails, we throw it out, and buy another one. When GRIP6 was founded, they had one goal- make the best belt that’s ever been made. They define success a little differently than most companies. They want their belts to look good, function better, and last longer, than any belt you’ve ever worn before. Though we’re getting close, we are still working to improve every aspect of our design, and that process will never stop.

All GRIP6 belts are manufactured right here in Salt Lake City out of materials that are 100% sourced from the USA. Their hands-on manufacturing approach allows them immediate control over the manufacturing process. They're constantly evaluating procedures and product to find ways to improve. The end result is a web belt that they proudly stand behind. A belt to be worn all wear, every single day. When you purchase a GRIP6 belt, you are buying into a company that is committed to producing a product that exceeds your expectations.  Say hello to the best belts on earth.

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Quality All The Way Down... 

Most products make you choose between form and function but what if you didn’t have to choose? GRIP6 belts are not only fully functional but they are lightweight, attractive and comfortable. The carefully machined edges of the interchangeable aluminum buckles are smooth in your hand, yet substantial enough to provide a durable, low-profile design that will last for decades. From the warm tones of the Craftsman wood grains, to the modern brushed aluminum finishes, you’re able to select the style that suits your occasion, add a splash of color or keep it simple. The tightly woven nylon straps are strong yet flexible, and easy to handle.  The lightweight, ergonomic design, is so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing a belt. With the attention to detail and quality American craftsmanship, you’ll never have to choose between form and function again.

The Bike Shoppe Bike Logo Buckle

I (Nate) have had the priviledge of going on some outdoor adventures with a GRIP6 employee named Jason.  It was on one of these trips that Jason introduced me to a GRIP6 belt.  I immediately thought it was a great looking belt, but I didn't fall in love with it until I purchased one (now several) for myself.  It's the first belt I've ever owned that shows off personal style with sweet buckle without being noticeable.  It's the most comfortable belt I've ever owned.  What's more, I don't even notice it when backpacking.  I've had so many issues over the years with belts and hip straps.  Not so with GRIP6.  We usually don't sell belts at The Bike Shoppe, but I had to make an exception here.  One big bonus: I was able to work closely with Jason at GRIP6 to design a unique bike buckle from the logo of The Bike Shoppe. Jason and GRIP6 delivered!  Get your bike buckle only at The Bike Shoppe.  Available in black, blue, green, and gray.   

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Making Things in America 

Building things in the USA seems like a good idea. The reality of it is much more complicated.  The American manufacturing landscape has changed dramatically since the 1960’s, leaving behind a country that in that time has managed to cut over 60% of its textile manufacturing jobs while increasing the overall gross domestic product.

To accomplish this, the U.S. has largely focused its growth objectives on service industries that don’t produce tangible goods, like financial institutions and investment firms.  In other words, we’ve evolved from a country that builds things, to one that builds wealth.

In 1960, the average American spent 10% of their income on clothing  (the equivalent of about $4,000 today) and 95% of it was made right here in America.  Fast-forward to today and the contrast is staggering.  Modern Americans (despite purchasing an average of 70 clothing items a year per-person) spend far less on their clothing at just $1,800.  Of that amount, only 2%  of those items will bear the “Made in America” label.  Most clothing today is cheaply made only built to survive a single fashion cycle. The age old practice of passing down clothing to younger generations is continually growing less

This idea of building a product with a pre-determined life cycle is called “planned obsolescence.”  While not a new concept,  the amount of wear each garment is designed to handle has been getting shorter for the last 50 years. The rapidly changing fashion influence on today's clothing market has most garment makers manufacturing products that will hold together for less than a year or just long enough for the next trend to take hold.  

Manufactured goods are divided into two categories; Durable Goods and Consumer Goods.  Durable goods are things like cars and furniture, where consumer goods are defined as anything that will be obsolete in 3 or less years.  All apparel falls into the category of “consumer goods” and is therefore considered to be obsolete after three years. 

We disagree!

GRIP6 is proud to be a part of a growing segment of US apparel manufacturers who are placing principle on the same plane as profit.  While most apparel businesses are drawn overseas solely for better margins with little thought to local economic impacts, GRIP6 is committed to producing products that last for decades with materials and labor sourced exclusively in North America.  Our commitment regularly forces us to stretch our manufacturing capability in order to produce quality products that will not only stand the test of time but exceed the quality and performance expectations set by our customers.

We’re  choosing to double-down on our commitment to build things right here - in our own backyard!

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