Snowshoe Rentals in Ogden, Utah

Don't let the snow keep you stuffed up indoors! Gather your family and friends and come grab some snowshoes. Explore the East Bench canyons, North Fork Park, Snow Basin, or even the Skyline trail. Few things are as stunning as the view from Ben Lomond in the dead of winter! 

Snowshoes are an affordable way to have a blast and get in an incredible workout at the same time. If you've never tried it, it's as simple as strapping them to your boots and heading out for a hike! The increased surface area and traction will allow you to explore in deep snow conditions that would otherwise make hiking without snowshoes incredibly slow and difficult. Come see us for recommendations on where to go and what to see.

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Blizzard II Snowshoes

You'll love how easy these shoes are to put when you're out in the cold with clumsy heavy gloves. The aluminum frame makes them light and sturdy. The crampons provide excellent traction in any direction. They've been cleverly designed to allow a natural stride while still optimizing surface area for impressive float and snow shedding. The heel raiser will reduce calf fatigue on the steep climbs.  

Daily Rates

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Poles $5

Sizing Chart

User Weight (lbs)
825 (S/M)
930 (Lg)