Looking for adventure?  Salsa is the bike for you!

Whether you're going on a bike tour across the country, bike-packing the Kokopelli, riding to a yurt in the Uintas, or shredding Utah trails, Salsa bikes will take you there. Salsa specializes in adventure, and they're sure to have the perfect bike geared specifically for your style of adventuring.  The bicycle can be so much more than just a bike; it's a path to new places, new people, and amazing experiences.  Let Salsa provide the bikes. You determine where to go. Satisfy curiousity. Explore boundaries. Discover something great.  Salsa.  Adventure by bike!

Salsa All-Road Bikes

Salsa All-Road bikes are perfect for gravel grinding, on and off-road touring, bike-packing, and much more.  These super-versatile bikes make road biking fun as they open up new unexplored and unanticipated routes.  Whatever the road, whatever the condition, Salsa All-Road bikes will help make your journey memorable. 

Salsa Journeyman

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Salsa Mountain Bikes

Salsa mountain bikes bring some awesome tech to the table with innovations like super-short elevated chainstays (Timberjack and Woodsmoke) and Split Pivot suspension (Redpoint, Pony Rustler, and Deadwood).  All their models fit multiple wheel and tire sizes which gives you the maximum amount of versatility.  Salsa is your ticket for any off-road adventure from fast and windy single track to rough and technical trails and everything in the middle.  

Salsa Pony Rustler
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Salsa Fat Bikes

Salsa fat bikes are a great option for riders wanting the ultimate 4-season steed.  Check out the Beargrease for a fast, lightweight groomed racer.  The Mukluk offers excellent flotation while off-road exploring, winter trail riding, and bike-packing. The tough Blackborow provides impressive carrying capacity for the most extreme off-road bike-packing expeditions.

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Salsa Kids Bikes

Get the whole family involved in adventure riding with the super capable Salsa Timberjack models. The Timberjack 20 and 24 models are specifically designed to provide young explorers with excellent experiences that will convert them into life-long adventure seekers. These affordable, quality bikes are great for the casual family bike rides but tough enough to tackle some awesome off-road single-track.  

Salsa Timberjack Kids
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