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Bike Fit

Bike Fit: Recreation Fit
A Recreation Fit includes: -Discuss riding posture and technique -Saddle height, angle, and fore/aft adjustments -Stem angle, length, and reach adjustments -Handlebar angle and hood position (Road) -Suspension setup (MTB) -FREE with the purchase of any new bike over $1,000! CALL 801-476-1600 TO SCHEDULE
Bike Fit: Triathlete Fit
A Tri Fit includes: - Fit consultation Context - previous experience, injuries, fitness assessment Goals - cycling accomplishments within one year Concerns - overcoming obstacles to success - Discuss tri-specific posture and technique Aerodynamics - bike vs rider - Contact points analysis Feet - gait analysis, pedals, cleats, crank arms, and shoes Pelvis - saddle, saddle height, fore/aft, tilt, and shorts Hands and forearms - stem, handlebar, brake levers, forearm pads, aero extensions, and shift levers - Upper body fit - hip and shoulder angles - Printout of fit results CALL 801-476-1600 TO SCHEDULE
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