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Electra Townie Go! 7D Step-Over
The Townie Go! 7D is an electrified version of the Townie, one of the most popular models in the country. It combines killer cruiser looks with serious electric assist capability so you can go anywhere and have a blast doing it. Check out the features below: Make riding faster and easier than ever The Hyperdrive rear hub motor allows you to give yourself a helpful boost when you’re tackling a long ride or going up a hill, but it’s completely up to you to decide how much assistance you want. The LED display will show you how much support you’re using and how much battery life you have left. Ultimate comfort bike Because it’s the same Townie frame, you’ll get all the benefits of one of the world’s most comfortable bikes. Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology allows you to place your feet on the ground while still giving you proper leg extension to prevent knee pain. The raised handlebars help keep your back upright and the extra wide seat has plenty of cushion to keep you smiling even on longer rides. Long battery life and fast charging times Never worry about running out of juice because the Hyperdrive battery charges quickly (just a couple hours for a half charge) and it lasts longer than all but the most epically long bike rides. Even if you forgot to top up the battery and ran out of juice, the bike still pedals just like a normal bike and the 7 speed derailleur will ensure you’re able to get around just fine.
Electra Vale Go! 9D EQ
Electra’s Vale Go! 9D EQ is the versatile pedal-assist e-bike that takes riders just about anywhere they want to Go! Powered by a Bosch Active Line Plus motor with a fully integrated battery into a step-thru frame, this bike is built to handle anything from everyday errands to long commutes to fun getaways. The Bosch Kiox display delivers Bluetooth connectivity and advanced rider information like speed, performance, battery charge, and more. Boasting Schwalbe 27.5-inch tires, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and a suspension seatpost, this bike provides a smooth ride on any terrain from streets to trails. It comes fully equipped with front and rear lights, fenders and a rear rack for the rider who wants to do and carry more. The best e-bike innovations are combined with the comfort and control of our patented Flat Foot Technology, making this bike the best of both worlds. Go! near. Go! far. Go! everywhere in between on the Vale Go!
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