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Balance Bikes

Strider Classic 12 Balance Bike
Are you looking for the absolute best way to teach your child to ride and enjoy bikes? Look no further, the Strider Classic 12 is the surest way to build confidence and smiles on two wheels. Check out all the great reasons to use a Strider: Balance before pedals Learning to balance before introducing pedals is Strider’s main goal. Because balance is the most important part of riding, it makes perfect sense that balance is where kids should start out. As kids scoot around with their feet, they feel safe and confident and progress to longer strides and balancing on two wheels faster than kids who learn with balance-hindering training wheels. Lightweight The Strider is so lightweight you young one will have no trouble moving it around and picking it up. Maintenance free There’s nothing to go wrong with this bike! The lightweight tires are made entirely of industrial foam so there’s no flats to worry about. Plus, without a chain, this bike is clean as a whistle and always ready to ride. Adjustable for growth spurts Both the handlebars and the seat can be adjusted so your little rider can continue to enjoy the Strider as they grow. Built-in foot rests Once kids get the basics of steering and staying upright, they can put their feet up on the grip tape foot rests and coast without using their legs for momentum. When your child is confident coasting without her or her feet down, you know they’re ready for a real pedal bike and you will have skipped the training wheel phase entirely!
Strider Sport 12 Balance Bike
Strider’s Sport 12 is a lightweight, pedal-less balance bike that allows your child to straddle the bike with both feet on the ground and easily propel the bike by walking or running. This nimble steel bike lets your little one focus on the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels. The maintenance-free ultra-light wheels feature industrial foam tires so you’ll never have to worry about a flat. The built-in footrest with grip tape allows toddlers to easily glide with their feet up. The adjustable-height seatpost and handlebar let this bike grow with your kiddo. Plus, the Sport 12 comes with a second extra-long seatpost for even more range!
Strider 14x Sport Kids Balance Bike
The 14x Sport will create confidence and riding skills, opening a world of adventure at a young age. As two bikes in one, it sets a new standard as an ideal first pedal bike for children ages 3 – 7 and creates the foundation for instant success. - Fully adjustable seat and handlebars allow the bike to grow with a child - Narrow 22.2mm grips with protected ends - Strider Easy-Ride pedal kit sold separately
Stacyc 12eDrive
The STACYC 12eDrive stability cycle is the most fun way to learn how to ride. It's similar to other balance bikes in that your child can gain bike riding confidence from scooting around with his or her feet on the ground. The big difference is the little electric motor that takes the fun to a whole new level. This electric balance bike is perfect for helping 3-5 year olds graduate to a real BMX bike or dirt bike in record time. Once they're comfortable pushing the bike around in non-powered mode, you can slowly introduce the 3 levels of assist one after another as their skills improve. Plus, whenever they need to slow down, the rear hand brake will help them come to a safe, controlled stop. Before long they'll be zipping around everywhere! Perfect for 3-5yr old rippers under 75lbs, with 14-20” inseam Power selection modes: - Low/Training mode ~ 5mph - Med/Standard mode ~ 7mph - High/Advanced mode ~ 9mph Lithium-ion battery and charger: - Quick disconnect/connect battery - 20Vmax Voltage(18Vnom) - 2Ah - 30-60 min run-time** - 30-60 charge time **Run time varies depending on the terrain and assist level being used.
Stacyc 16eDrive Brushless
The STACYC 16eDrive stability cycle is the most fun your little one can have on two wheels. Not only is this balance bike a great way to build confidence and bike handling skills, the electric motor provides a smile-inducing boost that they won't be able to resist. Start them out in non-powered mode to get them comfortable, and then begin to slowly introduce the 3 levels of assist one at a time as they get the hang of it and want to ride faster. Plus, whenever they need to slow down, the rear hand brake will help them come to a safe, controlled stop. Before you know it they'll be ripping around the neighborhood and on dirt trails, and the transition to a real BMX bike or a dirt bike will be quick and easy. High Output Brushless Motor: - 20% more power and than original 16eDrive - 10% more efficient than original 16eDrive - Increased durability - No fuse - Thermal protection for motor and controller Power selection modes: - Low/Training mode ~ 5mph - Med/Standard mode ~ 7.5mph - High/Advanced mode ~ 13mph (with stock gear ratio) Lithium-ion Battery and Charger - Quick disconnect/connect battery - 20Vmax Voltage (18Vnom) - 4Ah - 30-60 min run-time** - 45-60 charge time **Run time varies depending on the terrain and assist level being used.
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