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Yeti SB150

Think about the amount of combined skill gathered together at the Enduro World Series.  It would be crazy to think that one bike could dominate it all.  But that's exactly what the SB150 has done and will continue to do.  To simply say it's "Race Bred" is an understatement.  This bike is designed to dominate.  It's won more EWS stages than any other bike.  It's recorded the biggest margin of victory in EWS history. Do you want to be the fastest?  Don't look at anything else.  Choose from Carbon Series or Turq series frames and different build kits to suit your price range and ambitions.

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Yeti Cycles SB150 T-Series Frame
"Race bred." It's not just a slogan printed on the SB150's top tube. We've been pinning on numbers and pinning the throttle since 1985. So when choices had to be made on the SB150, every single one was made in the name of unbridled speed. It represents the ultimate example of breeding a bike to beat the clock. - At the heart of the SB150 suspension design is our patented Switch Infinity suspension system. - Tuned to perform on the most grueling enduro tracks in the world. - Built Richie "F-ing" Rude tough, this frame meets Yeti DH testing standards. - The SB150 has progressive, enduro-inspired geometry. We took what we learned from our EWS team riders and made it low, slack, and long. - A patent-pending wishbone shock extender was developed to change the leverage ratio and shock clearance. - The water bottle fits comfortably inside the front triangle, where you might be used to looking for it. - Internally tunneled cable routing allows for clean lines and a quiet, rattle-free ride. - TURQ Series bikes are made with the highest quality carbon fiber available and offer the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance.
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