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Bontrager Speed Concept Draft Box II

Bontrager Speed Concept Draft Box II
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The Bontrager Speed Concept Draft Box II is the ultimate solution for storing food and gear on your Speed Concept Time Trial bike. The box is mounted to the frame for a tight, secure fit and has been proven in the wind tunnel to create absolutely no extra drag. A quick-release mount lets you take it off in a flash if you decide not to use it.

It weighs next to nothing as well, so there's no reason you can't load up with nutrition and bring your CO2 and tire levers all in one place. Seated right behind the saddle, the box is easy to reach so you can maintain your position and keep powering through.

Tech specs:

Weight: 224g
Capacity: 62 cu in (1.02L )
Dimensions: 12cm (l) x 4cm (w) x 14cm (h)
Attachment: frame-mounted
Fiber content: 100% nylon
Material: woven

Part Numbers

601479194018 433746 BAG34133567I