Professional Bike Fits

Fit is as critical as the type of bike that you purchase!

After 40 years and literally thousands  of fits, we've noticed a common complaint among cyclists:  lots of them  ride with pain, and nearly all of them aren't powering their bike  efficiently. One of the top reasons why people quit riding is discomfort. You need to know that you can ride and ride a lot and be comfortable and efficient. 

Why is it important to invest in a professional bike fit?

  • Eliminate discomfort - It's possible to be fast and comfortable.
  • Reduce the risk of injury - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  • Refine efficiency - There's more to speed than brute strength.  The strongest rider doesn't always win.
  • Improve control - There are plenty of obstacles demanding your attention while on the shouldn't be one of them.
  • Increase power and speed - Who doesn't want to be faster?

If you haven't been riding pain free,  or if you're lacking power output, come in for a free consultation and  get scheduled for your own fit.  We can help you determine which fitting service will be most benefitial to you.  Come in and talk to  our certified fit specialists today.

Recreation Fit


Why purchase this fit? Our Recreation Fit is a great value for casual to recreational riders looking for all-day comfort and efficiency.

Fit includes:

- Discuss proper riding posture and technique

 - Saddle height, angle, fore/aft positions

 - Stem angle, length

 - Handlebar angle, hood/lever position, stack height

FREE with the purchase of any new bike over $1,000

Race Fit


Why purchase this fit? A professional fit is critical to your racing success.  We can help you achieve maximum power and efficiency while remaining comfortable. Ride longer. Ride harder. Feel better. Get the most out of your training. 

Includes a Recreation Fit PLUS:

 - Fit consultation

 - Fitness assessment

 - Gait analysis

 - Cleat position

 - Saddle fit

 - Handlebar fit

 - Printout of fit results

Triathlete Fit


Why purchase a Tri Fit? Triathletes often drop gobs of cash on the latest aero equipment. While aero is important, optimizing comfort, power, and aerodynamics through a professional tri fit can help you shed comparatively huge amounts of time off your bike split.  It's an economic way to get faster.  

Includes a Race Fit PLUS:

 - Aero analysis

 - Hip, shoulder angles

 - Tribar and armrest fit

 - Printout of results