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Stacyc Electric Balance Bikes

The STACYC Stability Cycle: Ride Sooner, Have More Fun

The Stacyc Stability Cycle is the most fun way to learn to ride

What is the STACYC Stability Cycle?

The STACYC stability cycle is an electric balance bike that's designed to speed up your child's transition to a real BMX bike or dirt bike. Whether your kid is just starting out on two wheels or he or she is looking for a little extra fun, STACYC makes it easy for them to improve their balance and bike handling skills at their own pace.

Why your kid will love it:

Kids love the STACYC because it allows them to go faster and have more fun than they would on a normal balance bike. For true beginners, the non-powered mode is easy to master. But once they get the hang of it, they won't be able to stop using the extra boost to zip around the neighborhood and zoom around dirt trails.

Rest assured Mom and Dad!

There's nothing to worry about with the STACYC. The frame design is tough enough to handle heavy usage, but it's still lightweight enough to be easily maneuverable. There are 3 levels of assist and a non-powered mode so your child can slowly progress as he or she feels comfortable. 

There's thermal protection for the motor and controller and the removable battery pack is easy to take off and charge, so they'll always be ready to ride. Plus, whenever they need to slow down, the rear hand brake will help them come to a safe, controlled stop.

Cool Tech

Here's a quick look at the great features you'll get with the STACYC Stability Cycle:

Lithium-ion Battery

The high quality lithium-ion battery is easily removable and charges quickly so you can get them riding in a flash. While battery life depends on the terrain and how much boost they use, a 45-60-minute charge time will generally provide about the same amount of run time.

Throttle with 3 speeds

The throttle can be turned off so beginners can scoot around in non-powered mode just like a regular balance bike. But once they get the hang of a little boost, it'll be tough for them to go back! Each model comes with three different levels of assistance so you can ease them in.

Perfect size for beginners

The STACYC 12and 16-inch stability bikes are no bigger than any other balance bike you'll find out there. The seat is still plenty low so they can always put their feet on the ground, and the overall design is easy to maneuver.


A lot of work went into developing an electric balance bike that kids would love. The STACYC balance bikes come everything kids need to have a blast on two-wheeled adventures.

Check out our STACYC models

STACYC 12eDrive

Perfect for: 3-5yr olds with 14-20” inseam

The STACYC 12eDrive is great for little ones who are just starting out. It's a tiny little balance bike that your kid will be able to scoot around on easily in non-powered mode until he or she is ready to try a little boost. 

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  • 3 speeds: 5, 7.5, & 13.5mph
  • Wheel size: 12-inch
  • Lowest seat height: 13"


STACYC 16eDrive Brushless

Perfect for: 5-8yr olds with 18-24” inseam

For kids who have a bit more experience (or at least more height), the STACYC 16eDrive is the perfect choice to kickstart their skills on two wheels. By the time they outgrow this awesome little electric bike, they'll be ready to rip it up on a real BMX bike or dirt bike.

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  • 3 speeds: 5, 7.5, & 13.5mph
  • Wheel size: 16-inch
  • Lowest seat height: 17"