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The Bike Shoppe's Ogden Bike Shop storefront

Your Favorite Ogden Bike Shop

Thanks for visiting our site! We hope you'll stop by the Shoppe sometime and get to know us. We've been around a long time; in fact, we've been serving the biking community in Ogden for nearly 50 years! 

We strive to provide each and every customer with a customized experience for their unique cycling needs. We offer all the professional services you'll ever need to keep your bike running smoothly every time you want to use it. We welcome any brand of bike, whether it was purchased from us or not. We take pride in our work, and we guarantee it. 

For us, cycling is more than just a's our way of life. We live for adventure on wheels, and we can't wait to share our enthusiasm for cycling with you!

How to find us

The Bike Shoppe is conveniently located at 4400 south on Washington Boulevard/Highway 89 in South Ogden.  

If you're coming from the north part of town, our building is on the left-hand side just south of Ogden's Golf & Country Club and the Mount Ogden Eye Center. If you're coming from the south, we're on the right-hand side of Washington and just across from the new apartment complex Hilltop Towers.  

There's plenty of parking accessible from north or south, so please stop by and see us soon!

Our Specialties 

Electric Bikes

Hybrid Bikes


Road Bikes

Our Services 

Bike Repair

Bike Fitting

Bike Rentals

Our Store 

The Bike Shoppe's storefront in Odgen, Utah
Bikes and gear for sale in Ogden right when you walk in the door.
We carry lots of cycling gear and clothing.
Gravel bikes and road bikes for sale in Ogden.

Mountain bike helmets for sale in our Ogden bike shop.

Bike shoes for sale in our Ogden bike shop.

Electric bikes for sale in our Ogden bike shop.

our Ogden bike shop has all the gear you need to ride.

Bike repairs in Ogden.


We love bikes.  For us, cycling isn't just a hobby, it's our way of life.  We live for adventure on wheels, and we can't wait to share our enthusiasm with you!

Matt Howard


Everyone  knows Matt, but did you know his first name is actually David? Yep. David Matthew Howard. Matt has been neck deep in the cycling industry as  long has he's been able to walk. His father, Ralph Howard, founded The  Bike Shoppe during the summer of 1976. Matt and his twin brother John  "helped out" as the Shoppe's first (three-year-old) employees. Back then,  the little shop was in a small strip-mall behind the New Gate Mall in  Riverdale.

Matt knows just about everything there is to know about bikes. However, two things really set him apart:

First,  he genuinely cares about people. Come in and talk to him. He'll spend  the time to get to know you.  He has all the tools, knowledge, and  personality to make your bike shopping experience a great one.  You're  sure to end up with a sweet ride, but you'll also walk away having made a  great friend in the process.

Second,  he has an impressive eye for quality and detail. If you bring your bike into his shop, you know it'll be done right. Hopefully you've already noticed...maybe this is why we continue to grow and expand year after year.

Growth  leads to expansion.  In 1995 we moved from behind New Gate Mall to our current location on Washington Boulevard across the street from  the old Hilltop Bowling Lanes...

Nate Foulger


This is where I (Nate) come into the story. As long as I can remember, I've ached to work at a bike shop. I grew up in North Ogden and attended Weber High and Weber State University. During my high school years, most of the Shoppe's employees were kids from North Ogden. Lucky for me, one of those kids was a good friend who introduced me to Matt. That meeting would change my life.  I started working for the Shoppe in 1998 when I was 16 years old. I had no idea I'd still be here 25 years later. Sure, there are minor ups and downs with even the coolest jobs, but I can honestly say I've loved every year of my employment at the Shoppe. How many guys can say that?!  

Year after year, the Shoppe has continued to grow.  Our services continue to expand and improve. 20 years ago I never would have guessed that E-bikes would be a thing...Now they've become our fastest growing bike category! Who knows what the next 20 years will bring?

The change and constant innovation is one of the things I love most about the cycling industry. There are always new things to learn and amazing new bikes and gear that I can't seem to live without. Bikes are always evolving. Sometimes an old bike comes in for repair and I recall the steel, rigid, canti-brake beasts that were my adventure companions when I was just getting into the sport. They're drastically different from what I'm riding now. But what's stayed the same is the simple pleasure of being outdoors with my bike. Every adventure is awesome! If you haven't yet, you should give it a try. Take your bike up into the mountains on a crisp spring morning. Smell the air, take in the scenery, listen to the life around you...I promise YOU'LL BE HOOKED!