Our Awesome Customers

YOU! You are what makes The Bike Shoppe successful. You have been with us for forty years, and every year has been better than the last. You are the most important element of our business. We depend on you. We appreciate your loyal support, and we promise to eagerly assist you anytime you walk through our doors. Thank you for making it possible for us to make a living doing what we love.

Manualing Mart

Don't go over backwards!  Here Mart is slaying the new manual machine down at the Spring Thaw in Moab.

Happy Customer

John has been eying this new Madone 9.0 for a while now.  He finally pulled the trigger last week!  Congrats, John...we hope you love it!

Logan at the Sweaty Yeti

We liked Logan Braegger so much we decided to hire him.  Say hello to the newest member of The Bike Shoppe crew.  Welcome aboard, Logan!

Pancake Pre-Race Super Food

Gerry is fueling up on pancakes before his fatbike race at the Sweaty Yeti.  


As usual, Mark is roaming around spreading fatbike cheer.

Flat Top Mountain adventure

Tyler, Mike, and Nate about to embark on an epic biking adventure in the Uintas.

Skyline Trail

Jason Delight.  The best of the best.

Stan's Trails

Micah testing out his new Trek Fuel EX 8.

Bob's Lake

Mike was such a good customer we decided to make him an employee! Here he is bike packing to Bob's Lake in the Uintas.

Gene Hamilton

Racing his Fuel EX 9.8 to a win in S. Africa.

Alan Griffey

No one puts more miles on the bike on and off season than Alan!

Peak a Week

Great group on top of Lewis Peak.  


Nothing beats fatbiking with friends!