The Bike Shoppe Beginnings

Do it Right!

If you want to know anything about The Bike Shoppe, you've got to first get to know just little bit about the man behind its creation...Ralph Howard.  It's well known that he's a husband and father of five, a hard-working businessman, and the founder of The Bike Shoppe.  But less known is his military service as a pilot in the Vietnam War.  Ralph grew up flying airplanes like we drive cars.  He loves to fly.  He found an opportunity to put his flying skills to good use when he was drafted into the army.  He fit in well with the demanding military lifestyle, and like the military, Ralph is exact in everything that he does.  Quality, order, and attention to detail describe his way of life.  His motto:  

"Do it Right!...or don't do it at all".

In the Beginning

In 1976, Ralph was approached by his brother-in-law, Brent Maddock, about an opportunity to open a sporting-goods store.  They worked together to get the business up and running.  Over a weekend, Ralph and Brent drove to Long Beach California, purchased six bicycles, drove back, then started shop in a small strip-mall behind the current Newgate Mall.  The 10-Speed Bicycle and Sports Center was born.  Ralph recalls selling one bike the first day they opened.  While Brent quickly lost interest in their business venture, Ralph dug in his heels and made a go for it.  His first two employees were his four-year-old twin boys: Matt and John.  Two years later, he changed the name of the business to The Bike Shoppe.

After 20 years of growth behind the mall, Ralph decided it was time to expand.  One evening, as he was riding his bike home from work, he got a flat on the corner of 4400 and Washington Boulevard in South Ogden.  Looking for a place to work on his bike, he found a large piece of plywood laying flat over weeds on the vacant lot.  While working on his bike, he noticed the board he was using was actually a "For Sale" sign with a phone number.  The following day he called on the lot.  Eventually, the lot was purchased, and plans for a newer, bigger Shoppe were born.

The Bike Shoppe Today

After 40 years in the biking business, Matt is now the owner.  Ralph has retired, but the same qualities that he wove into the Shoppe so many years ago still define us today.  Our goal is to provide you with the BESTcustomer service anywhere.  We can take care of ALL of your cycling needs.  When you come into the Shoppe, notice the clean, organized atmosphere we work hard to maintain.  You'll be immediately greeted by our staff.  We're happy to serve anyone who walks through our doors, and we're thrilled that you've given us a chance to earn your business.  

Why Shop at The Bike Shoppe?

Whether  you're looking to purchase a new bike, repair a used bike, or get more  performance, comfort or power out of your existing bike, The Bike Shoppe  has the product mix, experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you  capitalize on your cycling investment. We know bikes. We love bikes. We can't wait to share our enthusiasm with you!