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Pioneers of BMX

Redline was founded in 1970 as a manufacturer for motocross, speedway, and other racing bike components. They didn't actually involve themselves with BMX bikes until 1974.  Their motivation?  A bet from a local shop!  As a result, Redline developed the first tubular chromoly fork...a product that would change BMX bikes forever.

During the 1980s they won just about everything that they could in BMX racing, firmly carving out a position for the brand in the history of the sport. Some of the most famous BMX riders of all time have ridden Redline bikes.

Today, Redline continues to produce quality BMX bikes and frames. Simple, strong, durable, and affordable, these bikes make it possible for young riders and veterans alike to maximize their BMX experience.  Whether you ride street, park, race track, or trail, Redline has a quality bike ready for you to ride.

Redline RL275

In a world of ever more specific categories of bikes, the Redline RL-275 is in a category of its own. This BMX bike for adults looks like a classic BMX cruiser, until you take a gander at the Tektro mechanical disc brakes and those ultra fat 3-inch wide tires mounted on 27.5 Plus size rims. The Vee Speedster tires roll fast and grip the corners on both pavement and dirt. They also give you some float if you decide to take a short-cut down a staircase or cruise on the beach. With retro graphics and a V-style handlebar, the RL-275 gives you an old-school look with new-school spec.  Fits riders 5'4" to 6'2".


Redline Recon

An awesome intermediate shredder.  The Redline Recon is a freestyle BMX bike that's ready to hit the skate park, pump track, and trails. Micro gearing, big-box bars, Monster padded saddle, rear cassette hub, and a sealed cartridge BB make this versatile BMX an excellent bang for the buck.  Fits riders 4'5" to 5'9".

Redline Romp

The Redline Romp was designed for your first trip to the trails or drop-in at the skatepark. The Romp entry-level BMX bike has a proven freestyle geometry, 25/9 gearing, and chromoly steel 3-piece cranks, allowing you to experience many BMX “firsts.” The cassette hub and micro gearing also help clear ramps and jumps better because they’re smaller and lighter weight.  Fits riders 4'4" to 5'8".

Redline Rival

Set your little freestyler up to ride in cool, urban style with the Redline Rival. This entry-level 20 inch freestyle BMX bike is designed with a shorter 19-inch top tube for smaller riders. Add some 8 inch big-box bars and a top load stem for wheelie assist, a Redline Monster padded saddle, and 20 × 2.25 inch park tires, and the Rival is ready for a serious neighborhood shred session.  Fits riders 4'1" to 5'3".

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Redline Roam

The Redline Roam has race-inspired geometry, a high-tensile steel frame, and taller handlebars for easy maneuverability. The Roam features a freewheel for those looking to graduate from coaster brakes. Sporty racer graphics add some style, while 20 inch alloy rust-resistant wheels keep this bike in good shape through all the seasons. For kids ready to ride with hand brakes on the sidewalk, the bike path, or at the park, the Roam will open up a path to new adventures.  Fits riders 5'2" to 5'8".