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Professional Mountain Bike Suspension Service

Suspension: It's constantly at work beneath you smoothing out the terrain, keeping your tires glued to the trail, and providing stability and confidence. Your fork and shock may be the most important components on your bike affecting ride quality, but rarely do they get the attention they deserve. Each ride hammers on tens of thousands of harsh cycles. Forks and shocks aren't immune to the side effects of the abuse. Ride after ride and little by little, performance diminishes. If you wait too long, you can cause damage beyond repair. Fortunately, forks and shocks are tough and can give you years of awesome riding if you perform regular maintenance. We provide professional suspension services to keep your suspension running smooth season after season. 

Wondering when it's time to get your fork or shock checked out?  Take a look at the following service interval recommendations by Fox and RockShox:

Fox Service Intervals

RockShox Service Intervals

Fork - Lower Leg Service - $80

Recommended yearly

  • Inspect fork for damage and wear
  • Remove and clean lowers
  • Clean CSU
  • Replace dust wipers and foam rings*
  • Replace bath oil
  • Reassemble and set pressure for rider weight

*Dust wipers not included in price

Shock - Air Sleeve Service - $80

Recommended yearly

  • Inspect shock for damage and wear
  • Remove and clean air sleeve body
  • Replace seals and valve core*
  • Replace bath oil
  • Reassemble shock and set pressure for rider weight

*Air sleeve seal kit and valve core not included in price

Shock Wiz Rental - $20

Have you ever wondered if your suspension is tuned correctly? ShockWiz delivers a perfect tune while eliminating all the confusing guesswork!

ShockWiz is a suspension tuning system for air-sprung mountain bikes that combines high-tech hardware with an intuitive smartphone app. 

ShockWiz automatically records and evaluates suspension performance every time you ride. The companion app displays straightforward adjustments that unite bike, terrain and riding style.

Rent for only $20 for the first day plus $5 for each additional day (Max rental = 10 days).