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We are ePerformance

The first and the best. Haibike has been passionately developing bikes in Germany since 1995. With the introduction of the Haibike XDURO FS in 2010, they opened the doors to a completely new bike sport: ePerformance. This marked the beginning of the Haibike success story and started the eMTB boom. Haibike was the first, and for a long time the only ones, to believe in the potential of sporty eBikes, and they still do today—more than ever. ePerformance combines physical performance with electric support. Ride an ePerformance bike and you will feel the power, balance, and freedom their high-end power assisted bicycles provide. Man and machine form a natural and healthy balance. 

Now you can ride more singletrack, climb more hills, and flat out have more fun!  Year after year Haibike leaves the industry behind by paving the way with totally new and amazingly innovative designs. Their beautiful frames seamlessly integrate Bosch and Yamaha batteries and motors for a smaller, sleeker, and more appealing look. For consistent, silky-smooth power, give Haibike a whirl.

Haibike AllMtn 3.0

An all-round eMTB for all trails! 150mm front and rear wheel travel, RockShox suspension, and an industry-leading Bosch Performance CX motor.  The 650 Wh battery expands your eMTB experience to new levels. Different wheel sizes round off the package: 29" wheels at the front offer precise and comfortable rollover behavior, while the 27.5" wheels at the back provide perfect traction to master the steepest uphill and downhill slopes.

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