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2023 Demo Bikes For Sale

We need to clear out our 2023 demo/rental fleet before winter!  Here's a great opportunity to snag a great bike for a super low price.  We stand behind every demo bike we sell.  Each one has been cleaned, thoroughly inspected, tuned, and any damaged or worn out parts have been replaced.  Plus, we back each purchase with one year of free tune ups!  Call 801-476-1600 for details on any bike, or better yet, stop by and test ride one for yourself.  If you see something you like, don't hesitate to reach out and make us an offer.  Thanks for looking!


Trek Domane

Description:  Trek Domane SL 5 105 Mercury

Condition:  Like New

Sizes:  58cm Large

Price: $2800 $2500 (MSRP $3500)

Trek Verve + 2

Description:  Trek Verve + 2 Azure Low-step

Condition:  Good - Excellent

Sizes:  Small (Excellent), Medium (Good)

Price: $2100  $1900   $1800  (MSRP $2850)

Trek Rail

Description:  Trek Rail 7 Grey

Condition:  Fair - Excellent

Sizes:  Small (Excellent), XL (Fair)

Price: $4600  $4000  $3500  (MSRP $6650)

Pivot Trail 429

Description:  Pivot Trail 429 Ride GX Willow Green

Condition:  Excellent

Sizes:  Small

Price: $4800  $4600  (MSRP $6600)

Pivot Trail 429

Description:  Pivot Trail 429 Ride GX Silver

Condition:  Excellent

Sizes:  Medium

Price: $4800  $4600  (MSRP $6600)

Pivot Shadowcat

Description:  Pivot Shadowcat Ride GX Dangerfruit

Condition:  Excellent

Sizes:  Small, Medium

Price: $4800  $4600  (MSRP $6800)

Pivot Switchblade

Description:  Pivot Switchblade Ride GX Lime

Condition:  Excellent

Sizes:  Medium

Price: $5100  $4000  (MSRP $6800)

Juliana Furtado

Description:  Juliana Furtado 5 Mx S Aqua

Condition:  Excellent

Sizes:  Small, Medium

Price: $4800  $4000  (MSRP $6800)

Trek Fuel EX

Description:  Trek Fuel EX 9.8 GX AXS Blue

Condition:  Excellent

Sizes:  Medium

Price: $5600  $5400  $5000  (MSRP $7700)

Trek Top Fuel

Description:  Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT Black

Condition:  Excellent

Sizes:  Large

Price: $4600  $4200  $4000  (MSRP $6550)

Pre-Owned Bikes For Sale

Scott Scale

Description:  Scott Scale 730 Carbon

Condition:  Good

Size:  Medium - 27.5" wheels

Price:  $999 OBO

Trek Y-Foil Ultegra

Condition:  Good 

Size:  54cm

Price:  $800

Trek Equinox 9.9

Condition:  Very good

Size:  Medium

Price:  $1500