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Our Ogden Community

We've been actively involved with the Ogden community for nearly 50 years. We love Utah...from the amazing mountains to the beautiful Great Salt Lake...and we're committed to making it a better place to live. We believe that bicycles are a simple solution to many challenges we face including traffic congestion, air quality, and health and wellness. Please become part of a simple solution...ride a bike!

Fatbike Demo Day at Ogden Nordic

Our fatbike demo at North Fork Park was a ton of fun!  It dropped a bunch of snow the day before, so the trails were a little soft, but we still had a blast.  Thanks to everyone who showed up.  With any luck we converted a rider or two.  We really appreciate the crew at Ogden Nordic for their hard work prepping the trails and keeping everyone informed of the conditions.  You guys do a great job!  Thank you!

Jme and Heather

Recycle Tubes!

It's crazy to think that every year tens of millions of tubes are thrown in to land fills.  Don't throw your old tubes and foldable tires away any more!  We've joined with Tannus to offer you an easy tube recycling program.  All you have to do is drop them off at The Bike Shoppe.  We'll take care of the rest.  

Community Christmas 2023

This is now our 5th year of participating in Weber county's Community Christmas event.  We've found it to be a great way to help out the local community during  the holidays.  It's co-sponsored by OWCAP (Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership) and the Odgen school district.  It provides gifts for over 2000 kids from Weber, Davis, and Box Elder counties.  Parents of benefiting families participate in life skills classes including parenting and finance before receiving any assistance.  A resource fair serves as a tool to connect these families with the resources they need to help them in their current situations.  It's a great event, and we encourage everyone to participate with us in the coming years.  Thanks for all your help so far!

Recycle Metal!

We recycle well over 1000 lbs of metals every year.  We do our absolute best to repair components so they can function as long as safely possible.  When a component works, but the performance has diminished to the point where the customer is no longer satisfied, it's donated to the Ogden Bike Collective. Components that are no longer functional or safe to use are donated to customers for art projects or recycled.  

Recycle Cardboard!

We recycle over 200 lbs of cardboard and packing paper every week.  We save the best bike boxes to reuse and donate to customers who need to pack and ship bikes.  We reuse packaging materials and small boxes to ship product to online customers.

2020 Community Events

2020 was a crazy year.  We've never been so busy and at the same time so worried about our success in the future.  2021 is looking to be a tough one for sure. Just about every race or activity was cancelled for the year, but we were still able to participate in a number of community fund-raising events.  We were happy to team up with the Ogden Collective in repairing and donating used bikes for Christmas.  We participated in Community Christmas again, and were so grateful for the generosity of our customers in providing gifts for Weber County families.  Finally, two amazing customers, Jeff and Tammy Baird reached out to us to help out with the Christmas Tree Jubilee.  They were nice enough to send us this letter letting us know how it went.  For Jeff, Tammy, and everyone else who went out of their way to do something kind for a neighbor, THANK YOU!!  It's people like you that make Ogden such a wonderful place to live.

Global Fatbike Day 2018

Matt's flipping pancakes again...This time at North Fork Park for Global Fatbike Day.  Great snow this year, so the biking was a blast!

Community Christmas

This year we set up and decorated a Giving Tree for Community Christmas.  Thank you to everyone who participated with us.  We'll participate again next year.  It's a great program that helps our local Weber county families.

Goodwill Bike Drive

We received awesome support from our customers with over 20 bikes donated this year! With the help of the Ogden Collective, these bikes will all end up being donated to qualified recipients through Ogden charities.

Manual Machine

Mart is giving the manual machine a try in-between bike demos down at the Spring Thaw in Moab.

Moab Spring Thaw

For the second year in a row, ATK has invited us to join them for some mountain bike demo fun at Poison Spider's Spring Thaw in Moab. 

Mag Seven

Mike and I were able to sneak in an amazing ride down the Mag Seven before heading off to the Spring Thaw.

WSU Bike Giveaway

We were able to sponsor Weber State's Wildcat Clean Air Initiative.  Here we are giving away a Trek Fuel EX to a lucky winner.

Clean Air Initiative

This sweet ride has already been given away, but be sure to join us next February for the Wildcat Clean Air Initiative.


Thanks for helping us out with the giveaway!  

Sweaty Yeti 2018

Mike's getting the pressure just right for the big fatbike race.  

Repairs on Ice!

You almost had to wear Crampons just to keep upright at our tent during the Sweaty Yeti.

Pbst Blue Ribbon Pancakes

Matt's special pancakes are unbeatable!  The only way to get some is to visit our tent during an event.

Bridge building up Beus

This trail is definitely steeper than it looks. Add some 12' cedar boards, and you've got a good workout!

Bridge building up Beus

One of many trips up the trail.

Tri training

Steph teaches several tri clinics throughout the year.  They're fun, free, and super informative.

Go Green!

Matt showing us how it's done picking up shop orders on his Ebike.

Wildflower Trail Fest

Steph is teaching the ladies some good cycling tips.

Ogden trail maintenance

The Bench is always in need of a little help. Donate your time when you can!

Beus bridge building

Josh tackled that 4X4X10 solo no problems.

Sweaty Yeti

It's always a good time flipping pancakes for Ogden's Sweaty Yeti!