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Fat Bike Riding Gear

We've put together a page with all the best fat bike riding gear you'll need to extend your cycling season into the winter. This is the stuff that we ride with. We've tested it all, and it's awesome. Enjoying your fat bike experience is all about having good equipment. With the right gear, you'll be warm and safe. But best of all, you'll be set to have the time of your life!

Fat Bike Boots

Our Favorite: 45Nrth Wolvhammer BOA

Brand spankin' new for the 2023/'24 winter riding season!  These new Wolvhammer boots are a big upgrade from the previous model.  They're lighter, warmer, and more comfortable with better grip.  The quilted liner (200g Primaloft) is now removable making it easier to air the boot out.  Compatible with flat and clipless pedals.  I just picked up a pair for myself for this winter.  So far, I'm blown away by the quality.  These boots are nice!

Shoe Covers

Our Favorite:  Pearl Izumi AmFIB

If fat bike winter boots are a bit more of an investment than you're ready to make, take a look at these shoe covers.  Shoe covers provide affordable protection for your feet by blocking the wind, adding a layer of insulation, and keeping your feet dryer on wet rides.  They quickly slide over your existing cycling shoes.

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Bar Mitts (Pogies)

Pogies make a HUGE difference!  They're definitely a must have for any fatbiker. They provide impressive comfort and warmth in freezing temps.  With pogies, a rider can wear lighter gloves and keep warm with better handlebar, brake, and shift control.  It's important that hands don't get too sweaty on the climb, or the speedy descent will be absolutely miserable.  

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Winter Cycling Gloves

Our Favorite:  Pearl Izumi AmFIB Gel

I love my Pearl Izumi gear.  They hit the ball out of the park with the AmFIB winter weather lineup.  The gloves deserve a spot in your winter cycling gear bag. They're light and allow for plenty of dexterity to use shift and brake levers with confidence.  100g Primaloft Gold insulation w/Crosscore technology incorporates Aerogel particles for incredible warmth with minimal bulk. The main body fabric provides wind protection with easy articulation and an Ax Suede Laredo synthetic leather palm makes the glove as grippy as it is durable. The AmFIB-specific 3D shaped gel pad provides bar comfort without causing unnecessary bulk. Despite its generous insulation, it is still touch-screen compatible.  Come in and try them on!

Winter Jackets and Shells

Our Favorite Jacket:  Pearl Izumi Canyon Ecoloft

Enjoying a fatbike ride is all about using the proper gear.  Layering is important to stay warm while not overheating and heavily sweating.  Again, we're big fans of Pearl Izumi.  A insulated jacket paired with a weather-protecting shell will make any day seem like a good day to tackle a fatbike adventure in the snow regardless of how low the temps drop.  

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Our Favorite:  Pearl Izumi Transfer Wool

A good baselayer is a key piece of clothing that will help keep you warm, comfortable, and DRY.  Don't let sweat ruin your ride!  We love wool baselayers for their soft feel and natural wicking and insulating properties.  Plus, wool is antimicrobial and odor-resistant!  

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Thermal Tights

Our Favorite:  Pearl Izumi AmFIB

Every cyclist needs that ultimate tight that can get them out the door when the mercury dips.  A good pair of tights will protect you from the wind, cold, and wet conditions you'll encounter on your winter rides.  

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Winter Riding Pants

Our Favorite:  45Nrth Naughtvind

Winter riding pants help keep legs comfortable, even on the coldest adventures. Made of stretchy, breathable, wind- and water-resistant material, they’re warm and dry while pedaling in any conditions. Features such as ventilation, reflective accents, and an adjustable waist add functionality for a pant that’s well-suited to any winter ride.

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Trek Farley Fat Bikes

None of this gear makes any sense if you don't have an awesome fat bike. Winter is an amazing time of year.  Don't bottle yourself up indoors and get depressed waiting for spring.  I promise, it'll change your outlook on winter forever.  

You don't have to buy to see if it's for you.  We rent a full size run of Trek Farley 5 fat bikes for only $60 per day.  Take one out to North Fork park this weekend.  Try it out on some of their groomed singletrack.  

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