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Trek Full Suspension MTB Buyer's Guide

Trek offers a wide range of full-suspension mountain bikes built to dominate the toughest terrain. Explore this comprehensive guide to Trek’s XC and enduro racers, downhill models, and versatile trail bikes.

What are Trek Full-Suspension MTBs?

Trek full-suspension mountain bikes include both a front suspension fork and rear shock for ultimate trail capabilities. Extra shock absorption not only makes the ride more comfortable, but also allows riders to have more control over large obstacles. These advantages let mountain bikers carry more speed downhill or through XC race circuits.

If your riding style frequently lands you in the steep-and-chunky, a full-suspension setup is the way to go. And if full-suspension isn’t your thing, you can browse our wide range of Trek bikes available online or in-store.

Trek Supercaliber

Highlights: Front: 100mm, Rear: 60mm, Wheels: 29”, Frame: Carbon, Style: XC

The Supercaliber’s actions speak more than words, winning both the 2021 Olympic and World Championships. This model is the gold standard of high-performance XC bikes and includes enough rear suspension without compromising on speed. The Supercaliber’s secret weapon is the innovative IsoStrut rear shock with 60mm of travel that makes this model stand out from the pack. XC racers beware— this podium-topping bike might give you superpowers..

Top Specs

Perfect amount of XC travel

Forget about the hardtail vs. full-suspension debate. The Supercaliber has 100mm up front and 60mm at the rear for the perfect balance between race pace and shock absorption.

OCLV Mountain Carbon frame

Every model has a lightweight build and Straight Shot downtube to boost stiffness. Knock Block technology prevents frame damage in the event of a crash and the internal cabling stays out of the way.

Carry two bottles

Racers need to stay hydrated, too. The Supercaliber fits two water bottles in the main frame triangle so you can stay fueled during extended training sessions or long races.

Trek Top Fuel

Highlights: Front: 120mm, Rear: 120mm, Wheels: 29”, Style: XC/Trail

The Top Fuel is a short-travel 29er that hits the sweet spot between trail bike and cross-country racer. This model is ideal for riders that shred the mountain in both directions— the Top Fuel climbs better than a trail bike and outperforms standard XC machines on the rough stuff.

The lightweight full-suspension setup preserves snappy handling so you can go fast with confidence. The updated Top Fuel model is more capable on the downhills than its predecessor and has adjustable geometry via a flip chip. The latest generation comes with Knock Block 2.0 to protect the top tube in the event of a crash— now removable and with a wider turning radius.

Top Specs

Trail-dominating geometry

The all-new Top Fuel has a 66° head tube angle that's 1.5° slacker than the previous generation and has 10mm more reach, a killer combo for a more stable ride at high speeds. Toggle between High and Low frame geometry settings on the go with the Mino Link.

120mm of travel front and rear

Pair a rear shock to a standard-travel XC fork and you’ve got an all-mountain beast that stays nimble and efficient. The high anti-squat maintains snappy pedaling for great acceleration on the climbs.

Handy in-tube storage

Now all Top Fuel models— both alloy and carbon— come with a built-in storage solution inside the downtube to easily carry tools or snacks. Riders can use the compatible Bontrager BITS tool bag for additional organization.

Trek Fuel EX

Highlights: Front: 150mm, Rear: 140mm, Wheels: 29” (27.5” on XS/S frames), Mixed option, Frame: Carbon or aluminum, Style: Trail

One of Trek’s most popular models, the Fuel EX is a do-it-all-well trail bike that’s designed to go anywhere. The mid-length travel is plenty capable on the rough stuff and isn’t overkill on the more moderate routes. This workhorse is perfect for riders that traverse a variety of terrain and want an all-mountain companion. The Fuel EX runs 29” wheels on the larger frames and has 27.5” hoops on XS and S sizes and the carbon models come with a neat storage compartment in the downtube.

Top Specs

RE:aktiv damper

RE:aktiv is Trek’s exclusive rear shock that responds differently to pedal strokes and bumpy terrain to optimize suspension out on the trail. Select Fuel EX models come with the higher-end RE:aktiv Thru Shaft shock.

Frame-specific wheel size

The Fuel EX comes as a 29er on larger frame sizes and runs 27.5” wheels on XS and S frames. No matter your height, there’s a tuned geometry that’s right for you.

Jam-packed with Trek tech

The Active Braking Pivot retains suspension performance under braking and the Mino Link lets riders alter frame geometry with a flick of a switch. Knock Block protects the frame in the case of a crash.

Trek Remedy

Highlights: Front: 160mm, Rear: 150mm, Wheels: 27.5”, Frame: Carbon or aluminum, Style: Enduro/trail

The Remedy is your one-stop-shop when it comes to a long-travel trail bike for aggressive riding. This model is light on its feet thanks to agile 27.5” wheels so you can whip around technical terrain and smash tight corners. There’s no lack of travel here with 160mm at the front and 150mm in the back. The Remedy has similar suspension specs as the 29er Slash, but provides sharper handling that transforms any mountain into a playground. If you’ve got a soft spot for tricky descents, this bike is a sure bet.

Top Specs

Snappy 27.5” wheels

Smaller diameter 27.5” rims keep the Remedy nimble, even on the most technical terrain. These hoops and their 2.6” rubber offer zippy handling. Enjoy a more playful feel where you can whip around the trails and take corners like a pro.

Complete trail domination

Every Remedy model is powered by a SRAM Eagle 1x12 groupset for ultimate trail performance and unprecedented compatibility if you choose to upgrade parts down the road.

Active Braking Pivot

Retain suspension performance while braking thanks to Trek’s ABP technology that isolates the chainstays so the rear shock doesn’t stiffen up. You’ll have more traction at those critical moments on steep descents and twisty terrain.

Trek Slash

Highlights: Front: 160mm, Rear: 160mm, Wheels: 29”, Style: Enduro/DH

Conquer the wildest terrain with this long-travel 29er enduro bike. The Slash is built for enduro racing, but it’s fearless on the chunkier bumps and jumps of downhill parks, too. Beauty meets beast with this eye-catching MTB with its serious suspension package— 160mm of travel up front and 150mm in the rear. The lively frame is available in carbon or aluminum versions and stays damage-free thanks to Knock Block 2.0 technology.

Top Specs

All-new Super Deluxe Thru-Shaft shock

Engineers from Trek and RockShox collaborated on the enduro-tuned rear suspension that responds to trail inputs rather than rider pedal strokes for more accurate compression on the roughest terrain.

Updated enduro geometry

The most recent Slash includes 10mm of extra travel front and rear and improved geometry specs to match. The frame is now longer and slacker for additional stability in steep-and-chunky terrain, even at high speeds.

Feature-laden frame

Every model comes with a full-length downtube guard so riders can transport their bikes on their tailgate without worrying about scratches or frame dings. There’s also an internal frame storage compartment to hide snacks and tools.

Trek Session

Highlights: Front: 190mm (29”) or 200” (27.5”), Rear: 190mm (29”) or 200mm (27.5”), Wheels: 29” (27.5” compatible), Frame: Carbon or aluminum, Style: Downhill

Designed to point downhill, the Trek Session is a world-class 200mm travel bike with the gold medals to prove it. This purebred DH model dominates bike parks and World Cup circuits with the most advanced suspension tech on the market. The high-pivot design and idler pulley provide a smooth, efficient ride over even the gnarliest of obstacles. The Session thrives in lift-services riding areas and on big jumps. With this downhill beast at your side, you’ll smash descents in record time.

Top Specs

High-pivot suspension

The Session’s unique design improves back wheel movement over bumps which results in significantly smoother travel, more traction, and blistering speeds downhill.

Ultimate customizability

The Session comes as a 29er, but riders can swap for 27.5” rims or run a mullet setup depending on their style. The Mino Link allows for on-the-fly progressively adjustment between 20 and 25 percent.

Size-specific geometry

Frame sizes are now based on reach rather than seat tube length for a more accurate representation of ride feel. Chainstay length is also customized to match frame size and achieve a balanced geometry for every rider.

Electric Full Suspension MTB

Trek E-Caliber

Highlights: Lightweight eMTB, Front: 120mm, Rear: 60mm, Wheels: 29”, Motor: Fazua, Style: eMTB Cross-country

Who said electric mountain bikes couldn’t be lightweight? The all-new Trek E-Caliber fits full-suspension and a powerful Fazua motor into a slim setup. The sleek E-Caliber provides extra watts on XC circuits so you can ride longer and close the gap to stronger riders. There are three assist modes to match any conditions and optimize battery range. Big things can come in small packages and this supercharged XC model knows no limits.

Top Specs

Three pedal assist modes

The Fazua motor delivers power in different modes to optimize performance based on the terrain and riding style. Use Breeze mode for 100W of assist and longer range, River mode for 210W of assistance, and Rocket mode for 250W of climb-conquering power.

IsoStrut rear shock

Like the Supercaliber, this bike comes with Trek’s IsoStrut shock for 60mm of travel and pivotless seatstays for ultra-tuned suspension.

Fazua Evation drive system

At just 4.6kg, the internal motor provides serious pace and 55Nm of torque for getting up the hardest climbs while staying lightweight. Riders can charge or customize mode settings via the FAZUA App.

Trek Powerfly FS

Highlights: Front: 120mm, Rear: 100mm, Wheels: 29” (27.5” on XS/S), Motor: Bosch, Style: eMTB Hybrid/Cross-country

The Powerfly electric mountain bike features serious horsepower and a plush suspension setup to take your adventures to the next level. The trusted Bosch-drive system delivers smooth pedal assist and takes the sting out of the steepest gradients. There’s a battery range of 5 hours on lighter terrain and 3 hours on the rough stuff. The Powerfly is also available as a hardtail for stiffer XC performance.

Top Specs

Bosch Performance Line CX motor

The Powerfly is built around a top-of-the-line Bosch motor with Nm of torque and pedal assistance up to 20 mph. This renowned drive system combines smooth acceleration with a powerful punch on the trails.

Smart Wheel Sizing

Larger Powerfly frames come with 29” wheels while XS and S sizes run 27.5” for the perfect fit no matter your height. This balanced geometry also features a curved top tube to facilitate standing over the bike.

Intelligent eMTB power modes

The smart eMTB mode automatically delivers the right amount of pedal assist and riders can switch to eMTB Lite mode, too. There’s Walk Assist for easy transport off the bike or making it up ramps.

Removable Integrated Battery (RIB)

The high-capacity battery fits neatly into the downtube and is easy to remove without tools. There’s still room for a water bottle cage and it fully charges in 3-5 hours.

Trek Fuel EXe

Highlights:  Lightweight eMTB, Front: 150mm, Rear: 140mm, Wheels: 29",  Motor:  TQ 50Nm torque, Style: eMTB Trail

Trek Rail

Highlights: Front: 160mm, Rear: 150mm, Wheels: 29”, Motor: Bosch, Style: eMTB Trail/Enduro

Go big or go home. The Trek Rail is a long-travel electric mountain bike that floats over the biggest obstacles and shoots up the climbs with ease. The plush suspension package is a gravity rider’s dream and the Bosch-drive system provides buttery smooth pedal assist. Designed with enduro riders in mind, the Rail feels at home pointing both up and down the mountain. The removable integrated battery keeps you running laps on rowdy trails all day long.

Top Specs

Enduro suspension specs

There’s 160mm of travel up front and 150mm at the rear that’s tuned for sending it downhill and pedaling up climbing sections. Its monster truck capabilities soak up the bumps for a more controlled descent.

Bosch Performance Line CX motor

Ready for another lap? Toggle between pedal assist modes to blast up the mountain and tackle steeper climbs than ever. There’s 85Nm of torque to conquer tough gradients and a top speed of 20 mph.

29” wheels

Large 29” rims come stock on every Rail model regardless of frame size.

Trek Full-Suspension MTB Size Chart

Trek Full-Suspension MTB Size Chart

Trek Full-Suspension Mountain Bike FAQs

Is a mountain bike better with full suspension?

Not necessarily— full-suspension bikes are designed for harder-hitting terrain with big bumps and high-speed descents whereas hardtail models ride better on flatter terrain.

Can you ride a full suspension mountain bike on the road?

You can ride a full-suspension Trek mountain bike just about anywhere, but keep in mind that its extra weight and plush amount of travel will slow you down on the road.

Is Trek a good MTB brand?

Yes, Trek is one of the largest bike manufacturers in the world and outfits numerous professional World Tour cycling teams with their innovative bikes and components.

Is a full suspension bike good?

Full-suspension mountain bikes are great choices for riding trails with big obstacles, fast descents, or thrilling jumps. The extra shock absorption keeps the bike under control and allows riders to carry more speed over technical terrain.