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Trek Fuel EXe For Sale

Trek Fuel EXe electric mountain bike side profile image

The Trek Fuel EXe trailblazes a new breed of lightweight electric mountain bikes. It’s designed to look and handle as naturally as a non-motorized trail MTB while providing a helpful boost up the climbs so you can lap more trails and explore further for longer.

Trek Fuel EXe electric mountain bike hero image

Trek Fuel EXe key specs

Style: eMTB/Trail 

Travel: 150mm front, 140mm rear 

Wheel size: 29” (27.5” option on XS/S alloy frames) 

Geometry: 65° head angle, 77° seat tube, 483mm reach (size L) 

Tire clearance: 2.6” 

Sizes: S-XL (XS and XXL alloy)

Trek Fuel EXe electric mountain bike is for trail riders who want a boost

Who is the Trek Fuel EXe for?

Trail riders who want all the advantages of an eMTB without compromising on weight. 

Now you can skip the queue and shuttle yourself up the mountain to enjoy handling that’s as close to analog bikes as you can get.

Trek Fuel EXe electric mountain bike is more natural feeling than other eMTBs

Why choose the Fuel EXe?

Weight savings are the Fuel EXe’s bread and butter. 

The unique TQ Pin-Ring motor and efficient battery keep weight to a minimum so you can fly up the slopes and stay ahead of rival eMTBs on the descents. 

The app-compatible drive unit is virtually silent and there’s an option for a compact Range Extender battery, too.

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Explore the Trek Fuel EXe's best features

Trek Fuel EXe electric mountain bike uses the TQ Harmonic pin ring motor

TQ Harmonic Pin Ring motor

The TQ harmonic pin ring transmission is what makes the Fuel EXe stand out— the unique design is smaller, lighter, quieter, less noticeable, and more fun to ride than traditional eMTB motors. 

The basic idea is that it gives you a more natural ride quality that feels more like a mountain bike than an heavy, overpowered motorbike. That being said, it still pushes out an impressive 50 Nm of torque and assists up to 20 mph. 

The integrated display sits flush with the top tube so it’s there when you need it and out of sight while you’re busy shredding. The smaller package means no bulky downtubes or bottom brackets; you can barely tell it's an ebike just by looking at it!

Trek Fuel EXe electric mountain bike has a display on the toptube

New Trek Central App

The Fuel EXe is compatible with Trek’s latest app that lets riders customize motor tune settings on the fly as well as track all their favorite stats. Take advantage of the maps and easy integration with popular services like Strava and Komoot.

Trek Fuel EXe electric mountain bike uses a 360Wh battery

Hidden battery

The 360 Wh battery sits discreetly inside the low-profile downtube that’s 39% smaller than ones found on traditional eMTBs. 

The battery can provide between 2 to 5 hours of pedal assist and can reach up to 7.5 hours with the optional Range Extender that neatly fits inside the water bottle cage. The battery can be easily removed with a hex wrench.

Trek Fuel EXe electric mountain bike is one of the lightest eMTBs on the market

Featherweight eMTB

The Fuel EXe pioneers a new class of lightweight eMTBs. The TQ motor is smaller than your chainring and weighs just 1.85kg while the entire drive unit with battery measures 3.9 kg. 

Trek’s OCLV Mountain Carbon frame sheds additional grams for a lively and playful ride out on the trails.

Trek Fuel EXe electric mountain bike is a great choice for lots of trail riders

Trail-ready package

A trail bike at heart, the Fuel EXe rocks the right geometry to perform well no matter which way it’s pointing. 

The slack, stable front end hooks up with a steep seat tube angle for efficient pedaling uphill. The plush suspension setup features 150mm of travel up front and 140mm at the rear while 29er wheels allow for up to 2.6” of tire clearance.

Trek Fuel EXe Size Chart

SizeRider HeightInseam
XS (alloy only)145 - 155 cm
4'9" - 5'1"
69 - 73 cm
27" - 29"
S155 - 165 cm
5'1" - 5'5"
74 - 78 cm
29" - 31"
M165 - 176 cm
5'5" - 5'9"
79 - 83 cm
31" - 33"
M/L173 - 180 cm
5'8" - 5'11"
81 - 86 cm
32" - 34"
L177 - 188 cm
5'10" - 6'2"
84 - 89 cm
33" - 35"
XL188 - 195 cm
6'2" - 6'5"
89 - 91 cm
35" - 36"
2XL (alloy only)195 - 203 cm
6'5" - 6'8"
91 - 97 cm
36" - 38"

Trek Fuel Geometry Chart

Frame size number15.5"15.5"17.5"17.5"19.5"19.5"21.5"21.5"
Frame size letterSSMMLLXLXL
Geometry positionHighLowHighLowHighLowHighLow
Wheel size29"29"29"29"29"29"29"29"
Seat tube38.
Seat tube angle69.3°68.8°69.8°69.3°70.8°70.3°71.3°70.8°
Effective seat tube angle77.3°76.8°77.3°76.8°77.3°76.8°77.3°76.8°
Head tube length10.
Head angle65.3°64.8°65.3°64.8°65.3°64.8°65.3°64.8°
Effective top tube57.257.359.960.062.963.065.665.8
Bottom bracket height34.133.434.133.434.133.434.133.4
Bottom bracket drop3.
Chainstay length43.844.043.844.043.844.043.844.0
Frame reach43.442.845.945.348.948.351.450.8
Frame stack61.662.062.562.962.562.963.463.8