Professional Bike Repair

Good work ain't cheap. Cheap work ain't good!

Since 1976, our goal has been to provide every customer with the absolute best service for all their cycling needs. We take pride in having workers that not only love to ride, but also have the knowledge and skills to make any bike work to the best of its ability. We meticulously care for our shop, our tools, and the bikes we service. When we repair any bike, no matter how expensive or inexpensive, we do our best...and we guarantee our work.

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Tune-Up 1

The Basics


Why purchase this tune-up? Bikes should be frequently adjusted for optimal performance. Please don't wait until your loyal steed is screaming for attention to finally take it in to the experts. If you want to avoid a costly visit, do a little preventative  maintenance a few times throughout the year. Isn't an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure?

Includes the following:

 - Lube skewers, chain, derailleur pivots, spoke nipples

 - Grease cables/housing

 - Torque all bolts

 - Align brake/shift levers and handlebar/stem

 - True wheels (basic)

 - Adjust derailleurs

 - Adjust brakes

 - Test ride and quality check

Tune-Up 2

Comprehensive Tune


  • Why purchase this tune-up? Think about the beating your bearings take ride after ride. Bearings are often overlooked, but they really matter! For optimal performance and greater life expectancy, they need frequent  adjustments.
  • Includes The Basics PLUS: 
    •  - Bike wash
    •  - True, dish, round, and tension wheels
    •  - Adjust hub bearings
    •  - Adjust bottom bracket
    •  - Adjust headset
    •  - True disc brake rotors
    •  - Resurface brake pads
    •  - Size cable housing (as needed)
    •  - Test ride and quality check
  • Includes labor for installation of additional parts or components (when purchased at The Bike Shoppe)

Tune-Up 3

Peak Performance


Why purchase this tune-up? It's a value that's tough to beat! Some of us are particular about our bikes, and a bike wash just won't cut it. Peak Perfomance provides fantastic attention to detail. We'll completely remove and degrease all  drivetrain components (crank, chain, cassette, derailleurs) and replace all cables and housing.

Includes a Comprehensive Tune PLUS:

 - Tear down and degrease all drivetrain components

 - True, dish, round, and tension wheels

 - Replace all cables and housing

 - Test ride and quality check

- One free post-tune adjustment (within 30 days)

Includes labor for installation of additional parts or components (when purchased at The Bike Shoppe).

Tune-Up 4

The Overhaul


Why purchase this tune-up? This is the whole shebang! Do you have a nice bike? Consider this tune-up as insurance that keeps your investment running better than new year after year.  

Includes an Annual Peak Performance PLUS:

- Complete teardown

 - Clean and degrease frame and all components

 - Front and rear hub/freehub overhauls

 - Bottom bracket overhaul

 - Headset overhaul

 - Brake bleed (when applicable)

 - Grease/Loctite and torque all bolts

 - Replenish tubeless sealer (when applicable)

 - Professional Assembly

 - Test ride and quality check

 - One free post-tune adjustment (within 30 days)

Suspension services additional

Basic Assembly

Best bang for your buck


Do you have a boxed bike that needs assembling?  This is a great value build specifically for you.  We don't simply install the handlebars, pedals, and front wheel to call it good. We'll go through all the steps to do it right so you don't have to deal with annoying problems in the future.

The Basic Assembly includes:

 - Bike wash (for used bikes)

 - Lube skewers, chain, derailluer pivots, spoke nipples

 - Grease cables/housing

 - Trim cables/housing to fit frame

 - True, dish, round, tension wheels

 - Adjust all bearing units

 - Adjust derailleurs

 - True disc brake rotors (as needed)

 - Test ride and quality check

Custom Assembly

The BEST bike build. Period.


Don't fork out all that cash for your one-of-a-kind dream bike only to scrimp on the quality of the assembly!  Build it up right so you can fully appreciate every cent of your investment.  Your bike will get meticulous attention to detail from the bare-naked frame to completed masterpiece.  

The Custom Assembly includes:

- Clean and prep frame

 - Dropout and hanger alignment (metal frames)

 - Chase bottom bracket threads (threaded frames)

 - Size and cut fork steerer

 - Press headset, bottom bracket

 - Adjust all bearing units

 - True, dish, round, and tension wheels

 - Install and adjust all parts/components

 - Cut cable housing to fit frame

 - Cut hydraulic brake lines to fit frame, bleed brakes

 - Test ride and quality check

 - One free post-tune adjustment (within 30 days)

Service Labor Rates

So you don't need a full tune-up?  No worries, we have a-la-carte pricing and fast service for your specific bike needs.  Pricing is per component

Adjust derailleur
Install chain
Adjust canti brake
Install cassette
Adjust rim brake
True, dish, round wheel
Adjust disc brake
Wheel build
Bleed hydraulic brake
Install, calibrate computer
Adjust rear hub
Install tube, tire
Adjust front hub
Install tubular
Overhaul rear hub/freehub
Install tubeless sealer
Overhaul front hub
Install crank
Adjust headset
Install handlebar tape
Install headset
Bleed remote lever
Install fork
Fork lower leg service
Adjust bottom bracket
Shock air sleeve service
Install bottom bracket
Align derailleur hanger