"We build bikes we want to ride."

Everyone wants to ride Yeti...because they're awesome.  Every bike in the Yeti family is an amazing creation designed to exploit every valuable second you have with your bike tearing up the trails. And The Bike Shoppe is your Ogden, Utah Yeti Cycles Dealer!

Yeti Enduro Bikes

S B 1 5 0

When you throw a leg over the all-new SB150, you’ll find it rides strikingly similar to nothing. It is difficult to put into a category. Some may say it’s too slack, too low, too long, too different. But riders who push this bike quickly become accustomed to their newfound capability.
Yeti SB150

S B 6

Piloted by the best riders in the world, the SB6 in uniquely suited for pounding out big enduro race days and taking on big terrain. The SB6 has 6 inches of travel in the rear, with 160mm up-front and geometry that is manageable on the transfers, but optimized for smashing downhills.

Yeti SB6

Yeti Trail Bikes

S B 1 3 0

One bike can’t rule them all, but the SB130 is one bike that rules. Conceived on rowdy Colorado trails and fed a steady diet of technical climbing and high-speed descents, this bike crushes big terrain. We’re not suggesting you only need one bike, but if you did, this should be on your short list.

Yeti SB130

S B 5

The SB5 is perhaps our most versatile all-mountain bike. Born on the trails of Colorado, this bike represents everything a trail bike should be — lightweight, nimble on climbs and dominant on descents.

Yeti SB5

S B 5 Beti

When we designed the SB5 Beti, we made it to excel in the most demanding situations. Our female ambassadors are aggressive riders and wanted a lightweight bike that could handle the rigors of a long epic ride or even lift served access.

Yeti XC Bikes

S B 1 0 0

This is what we can do with short travel and Switch Infinity.  It transcends the weight-weenie, uphill only models and replaces it with a precision riding bike. If some people assume it's a downhiller's XC bike, whatever… For us, it's simply the bike we always wanted to build. The SB100.

Yeti SB100

S B 1 0 0 Beti

Walk around the halls at Yeti and you'll find women who can tear your legs off on the uphill and mock you on the downhill. The SB100 Beti quickly gained a reputation for its climbing ability and for how it descends. It's the bike of choice for those who race in XC or multi-day stage races.