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Building high-quality mountain bikes since 2007

Pivot Cycles was founded in 2007 and since then has been dedicated to being at the forefront of biking technology and products. They want to make the best bike in every category they enter and push the boundaries of the sport to new heights. Their mission is to build bikes that "climb better, descend better, corner better and simply feel better than any other bike on the market". Check out our selection of Pivot bikes including XC bikes, trail MTB bikes, and enduro MTB bikes, and see for yourself the ridiculous attention to detail that goes into these machines.  Get ready to experience top notch performance on a Pivot bike for yourself!

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Pivot Cross Country (XC) Bikes

Pivot builds their XC bikes with best in class stiffness to weight ratios and efficient-pedaling suspension designs. They're perfect for anyone from World Cup level athletes to cyclists who love to hit cross country trails with top notch performance.

Mach 4 SL

Say 'hello' to the lightest, fastest 100mm full-suspension XC race machine ever created by Pivot. It's meticulously designed to allow racers every possible speed advantage on increasingly technical courses.


The Les SL is fast.  It delivers precise handling and extreme power transfer. In creating this bike, Pivot obsessed over every detail to convert every watt of energy input into speed that would land you on the podium.

Pivot Trail Bikes

Pivot trail bikes excel at climbing ascents with top-notch pedal efficiency and the handling chops to carve technical trails. No matter the trail, find the Pivot trail mountain bike for you.

Trail 429

Looking for one bike to rip nearly every trail out there?  Pivot's Trail 429 accelerates and climbs like an XC bike, yet gobbles up rough terrain. Effortless handling, incredible power transfer, and blazing acceleration really set the 429 apart from so many other Trail bikes on the market. 

Mach 5.5

For 140mm of rear wheel travel, the Mach 5.5 provides pedaling efficiency that is unparalleled.  It's a bike that inspires you to climb higher in order to look forward to longer, techier descents.  It inspires confidence that will urge you to push the limits.

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Pivot Enduro Bikes

Pivot enduro MTBs are the kings of mountain trails. Built to be the masters of technical descents, they also climb with ease for any cyclist wanting a new enduro mountain bike.


The new Pivot Switchblade ushers in an all-new era of mountain biking offering more travel, unrivaled versatility, and progressive geometry.  It dominates enduro-inspired descents, generates speed, and delivers the finesse needed for power moves on technical climbs.  From bike park flow trails to raw backcountry routes, the Switchblade amplifies every rider's skills and excels on any trail.

Firebird 29

The Firebird 29’s big wheels gobble up miles with ease, roll right over the gnar and add insane levels of traction to the mix. But this is no monster truck. The Firebird 29 is a lightweight machine that boasts a poppy, lively feel that long-travel 29ers have never possessed. Until now.

Mach 6 Carbon

The new Mach 6 brings the benchmark stability and enduro performance of our 29” Firebird and infuses it with the unbridled fun that only 27.5" wheels can generate. The Mach 6 blends these seemingly contradictory traits together into a true do-it-all superhero; a bike that is at home everywhere from the sculpted hits of park riding to the burly chunk of the untamed back-country.

Gravel - Vault

The new Pivot Vault offers unrivaled handling, massive tire clearance, and amazing power transfer. Patent pending ISO FLEX seat post technology is without equal when it comes to all-day, all-terrain pedaling comfort.

Fatbike - LES Fat

The Pivot LES Fat is the world’s most versatile big-tire machine. Compatible with almost every wheelsize available, from 26” and 27.5” Fat to 27.5+ to 29er, the LES Fat is a four-season hardtail that can take you from singletrack to snow to sand with no compromises.

eMTB - Shuttle

Take a good look at one of the finest electric mountain bikes on the market. The new, redesigned Shuttle has the juice to take your riding even farther. A sophisticated carbon fiber chassis houses an equally sophisticated Shimano EP8 drive unit and a massive 726 Wh battery. Progressive geometry, highly evolved DW-Link suspension and a brawny Fox 38 fork offer unmatched suspension performance and handling. The Shuttle has the power to take you where you dream of going, and give you the ride of your life getting there and back.